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NEATZ We Care You Wear is the solution you need for all your stains. NEATZ is incorporated under 'Sagar Sales Corporation Pvt Ltd'. With an experience of 22 years down the line in the given industry we guarantee you the quality and cost correlated with NEATZ cannot be matched. The company was established in 1992 & been running since then under the skilled hands of Mr Kamlesh Manwani. Company’s manufacturing unit is located within the 'Bedi' region of Gujrat. Along with the great determination, dedication and supervision we have developed the pure quality within the nominal cost incurred.

NEATZ was formerly well known and sold as ‘Super Hathi’ into its regional territory. It has renown its reputation in the market place with sheer quality. Carrying the same formula as the base and enhancing the quality by adding high- efficiency surfactants, we bring you the NEATZ. With the high demand and recognition of the consumers, we have undergone the rebranding structure of NEATZ, to be known/used not just locally or nationally but also we are thriving towards the Global presence. The core value of the company lies within its quality & unbeaten price, which has helped us to sustain as well as to capture the new markets.

We have combined the wealth of experts’ knowledge & the advanced machinery to bring NEATZ right onto your doorstep. We request you to stay close and updated with us on our social media pages because we are developing many more cleansing products, which are customized only for your daily use purposes. We Care You Wear

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